The story of TRAVESTY began on the 2nd November 2014 with the split-up of the previous band Van Dannen in which Steff, Tom and Pat took their first steps in the metal scene along with the brothers Aaron and Eric Gawehn. The music back then would be best described as modern-/melodic metal. Just like most young bands, they soon drifted apart, both musically and personally. So it came that they split up on the 2nd November 2014, but they never thought of giving up, so even on the very same day, a new band was discussed. Upon the ashes of Van Dannen Steff, Tom and Pat wanted to build something new; after countless hours they finally came up with the name of their new band: TRAVESTY.

A rehearsal room was found soon enough, so they could play together for the first times in February, 2015. There was enough material to work with, because Tom and Steff used the time without a rehearsal room to write the first songs. Soon it became clear that their style would become something completely different than before: „thrash-/power-/prog-metal“. But of what use is a metal band with a genre name longer than their own name without a guitarist? In March 2015 Fabi was invited to play „Disposable Heroes“ by Metallica with them. The chemistry was perfect from the beginning and after some discussion, Fabi was a member of the band.

Rehearsal room? Yeah! Guitarist? Hell Yeah! New songs? Let’s go!
As soon as Fabi was part of the crew, the band rehearsed weekly and a live set was soon to be performed. With the new logo, designed by Pat, the band started their facebook, namely on the 22nd June 2015. Now it’s done: TRAVESTY is ready to kick the world’s ass! Soon an opportunity to perform live was found with the Beachrock in Amberg. To get to this festival, Travesty first had to defeat six other bands in an online-voting. It took a whole month and when they won, they couldn’t believe they actually got 650 votes and emerged victorious, without even having played before!

The worse you play, the sooner you shall perform – that was the motto of the Beachrock. The five participating bands had to play in a Beach-Volleyball tournament to get the best stage-time. The four boys trained and looked up all rules to prevent a complete disaster; and they did! As the second band of the day, the band performed in front of a relatively large crowd; the Wall of Death and Moshpits sure made a big impression on the band… but they still wanted more.

After four concerts in total TRAVESTY could finally record the 10 songs they wrote for their debut. The recordings for „Dark Above, Sun Below“ , released on the 29th of July 2016, began in January 2016 and took about four months.

At the end of 2016, Pat left the band, but was soon replaced by Ibo, who managed to make the songs sound even more furious. The new and old material was more blistering than ever before!

After many gigs in the year 2017, Fabi and TRAVESTY parted ways in 2018. The band used the time after that to write songs, learn new instruments, perfect songwriting, etc. No time to relax!