Emperdia was founded in November 2014 by Tom, Steff and Patrick Palesch under the name Travesty.

As the Band was joined by Fabian Hellbach, they played their first gigs. The first CD, entitled “Dark Above – Sun Below”, was released on the 29th of June 2016. Their music started to develop in the direction of thrash-/doom-/prog-metal.

At the end of 2016 Patrick quit the band and his place was filled by Ibo, who added some great new techniques. After a few gigs in 2017, Fabian and Travesty split up in 2018.

After that, Tom, Steff and Ibo, more determined than ever, started to write new songs, learn new instruments, write lyrics etc. In 2019 they got a new name, more fitting to their darker and more polished approach to music: Emperdia!

2021, was, even though the pandemic took its toll, the official new beginning. The album “Vicious Cycle” was recorded and in May, the single “Perdition’s Waltz” was released. When November approached and Amit joined as a guitarist, it was clear that even this difficult year was successful and the future was bright.

Beginning of 2023, Tom has decided to leave the band and focus on his own projects. A big thank you to Tom for the great contributions of the last years!

Steff, Amit and Ibo are of course holding the fort, working on creating new songs and having some music fun to share with you soon!