Name: Tom “Major” Ott

Birthday: 6th of December, 1994

Instrument: Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Favourite Bands: Communic, Blind Guardian, Seventh Wonder, My Dying Bride, Haken, Threshold, Manticora

Favourite Albums: Communic – Conspiracy in Mind, Headspace – I Am Anonymous, Seventh Wonder – Waiting in the Wings, Funeral – Oratorium, My Dying Bride – Turn Loose the Swans, Kenn Nardi – Dancing with the Past, Circus Maximus – Isolate

Biggest Influences/Inspirations:  Andreas Blomqvist, John Petrucci, Steve Harris, John Cobbett, Oddleif Stensland, Devon Graves

Equipment: (Bass:) Yamaha TRB 6-String, D’Addario Strings, Hartke 4×10 + 1×15, Hartke 500W Head (Guitar:) ESP Ltd Mh 417, Peavey 6505 Amp, Marshall Cabinet

Hobbies: making music, listening to music, living music, wasting time on the internet.

Motto:    “No half measures.”