2. Caught In The Circle

Lyrics by Steff Müller, music by Tom Ott with help from Fabian Hellbach. Arranged by EMPERDIA

Dark clouds haunting me

Lost in despair, blood is boiling

I find myself lingering in the darkness

Wrath paves a way for hatred, no way out


I glance at the ruins before and after me with apathy

Those who scold me shall taste my blade

My hope has faded away, now I’m suffering

Despite all struggles this vile life is getting rougher

Is there a solution, a remedy?

Regardless of how much I fight and try to flee…

The most of you will think, for redemption it’s too late

But you never heard the words the wise man said


They promised me Eden, honey and milk

Indeed, now the world feels like it’s made of silk

There are some mendacious feats to face

But blinded as I am I can’t read between the pages

Then I hear those words whispered in my ear

What is the answer, who tells the truth?

Where is the joy I felt just weeks ago?

Darksome thoughts start to pervade me again


Far away, my masters reside in their chambers

They reign and hold sway over my new comrades

For the first time I recognize my mistakes

Should I run? Should I stay? Where is the right path to walk?

Questions that won’t be answered, nor even listened to

Nobody heeds when I call aloud, nothing has changed

I have no choice but to try to escape for good

To break out of this circle, sever the clutches that tied and caught