The album „Dark Above – Sun Below“ was released on the 29th

July 2016 and is the first full-length by TRAVESTY.
The recording and the mixing took about five months, namely from January until May 2016.
It was mastered by Lennart Jeschke of studioexport in Hannover, Germany.

The recording process was a big challenge for all four members; as soon as they collected the
required knowledge, they took it on – and did a good job!
The cover artwork and booklet was designed by César Adrian from Peru.

Dark Above, Sun Below is a 76-minute opus, full of melodies, melancholy, aggression and complex compositions.
The album is a healthy mixture of Metallica (Justice-Era), Iron Maiden, early Flotsam & Jetsam, as well as Anacrusis and
Reverend Bizarre, but also opens new ways.

The album can be purchased here.